healthy_mind_healthy_bodyPlagued with low functioning thyroid since my early teens my radar goes off anytime I hear the whispered promise of free energy.  Building, Maintaining or just finding the Energy to live what I dream; an unrestricted source of physical & emotional energy flowing through my life allowing me to get it all done with enough in reserve for the fun stuff, without destroying myself.  Finding and plugging into this source has been an ongoing quest my entire life.  I refuse to destroy my adrenals with caffeine or black tea; these bring the promise of vitality while actually robbing your adrenals of what little strength they have left.

No, only real free energy will do.  Over the years I have discovered a few excellent herbal sources which provide real usable energy.  These will not only help me sail through today but build up my systems for a better tomorrow.    My favorite, hands down is Kelp.  This stuff is great, not only did it rebuild my poorly functioning thyroid gland but I no longer have to take thyroid medication.  When I began using thyroid medication in my teens I was told it would be forever.  The doctor was wrong, after several years using a good kelp blend the doctor who checked my blood work said my thyroid was functioning within normal levels.

Superfood is another great source of quick energy.  When using 4 tablespoons two or three times a day to rebuild my system my daily energy levels shoot through the roof.  This stuff is great.  Try it you will be amazed.

Rebuilding the Adrenals is a long slow process much better to protect than to have to rebuild.  The Adrenal formula provides energy enhancing herbals allowing the adrenals a rest while providing energy to get through the day.  For more on strengthening the adrenals see the Adrenal Information Sheet.

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