Debility: Rebuilding the Body

barefootSince my early teens anything that promised strength or energy was of interest.  A low functioning thyroid, bouts of depression and physical weakness have plagued my life.  Learning how to use the herbal gifts to better support the overall health of the body has enabled me to also learn what works and what doesn’t.

Is there a good plan or program for overall weakness, lack of energy, a general debility in the body?  Rebuilding the strength and vigor in a body takes commitment over many months.  The medical names given for these conditions are:

  • Asthenia: Abnormal physical weakness or lack of energy
  • Adynamia: Loss of vital strength or muscular power

Debility is a condition where the body has been run into the ground as a result of an improper diet.  Said another way the body has been starved for proper nutrition for so long it has lost the ability to function.  We all know a car will not run without a supply of gasoline to draw from.  The body works much the same way, it will not continue to function without a supply of nutrients to draw from.

Rebuilding the body will take dedication and time.  In some cases the whole digestion must be rebuilt.  A speedy recovery may be had with Juice Therapy alone or with Slippery Elm Gruel.  Other nutritional herbs such as Irish Moss or Comfrey may be used successfully.

Superfood for energy: the normal dose of super-food is to add 2 tablespoons of the green mix to a glass of juice. It has been discovered that doubling the dose to 4 tablespoons provides a nice energy boost.  Using an extra glass of Superfood in the mid-morning or late afternoon when an energy boost is needed has proven beneficial.

Super-Kelp Mix is an excellent herbal food aid to target and rebuild the entire glandular system while proving an excellent aid to the malfunctioning thyroid gland.

To the above herbal supports and juicing add a healthy food program along with bi-weekly or monthly liver flushing for a good rounded program. Once all the good choices have been enacted it is time to settle back and enjoy the new healthier lifestyle you have chosen.  Regaining the vital forces of the body will take time but there is a huge gift in the journey, the gift of learning that only experience can provide.

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