Loved, Blessed and Surrounded

Rising StarThere is so much to be thankful for.  This has been a fantastic week.  The humidity has felt low and the sun has been out all week.  Almost makes me feel like I still live in California instead of North Carolina.

Riverside California, is where I grew up before moving to the Victorville area with my daughter in the early 1980’s. It did not take long for me to fall in love with the dry heat, wide open landscape and quiet of the area.   All the reasons that drew me to the desert are now gone, with the exception of the dry heat.

The last time we ventured out there was December 2002.  Victorville had become so congested we were in a stand still traffic jam on Bear Valley Road.  My husband and I were both shocked and saddened by the over population of the area.  The open spacious natural beauty I remembered had been replaced by rows of same looking houses.

Looking out my window today I see trees everywhere.  Moving from the wide open spaces of the Mojave Desert to the woodlands of North Carolina has taught me to appreciate a different type of solitude.  Where once the expansive views were as far as the eye could see in all directions now the beauty is blossoming at my feet.  The lush green foliage unfolds in the early spring continuing to grow throughout the hot days of summer providing a cool carpet for my barefoot walks in the cool of the day.

The small woodland creatures and song birds visiting our yard and deck continue to provide hours of entertainment.  The feeling of contentment and peace pervade this place.  Our Father continues to shelter us surrounding our lives with his presence and protection.  We are truly blessed.

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