What to Expect During a Good Detox

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Many people avoid deep cleansing programs because they are unsure what to expect or how to deal with the inevitable results of a good system wide detox.  The deep work of cutting lose and removing waste from the body’s tissue can if not supported correctly lay a body out making one feel abominable while the toxins are being processed from the system.  Here are a few answers to the question: What to expect and how to deal with the body’s reaction to a good detox program?

Understanding The Healing Crisis

The 5-day Liver or Kidney detox program varies according to intensity of the work being done.  Many people engage in a detox program to rid their bodies of toxins, kick start a weight loss plan, improve their skin and digestive system and strengthen their overall energy and health.

The Mild detox program consists of one flush a day while eating a raw food program.  Those wanting to dig a bit deeper may do a Moderate Cleansing Program which consists of three flushes a day while doing a five day juice fast.  The Full Strength Liver Flush consists of doing an ELF daily or as often as tolerated along with a juice fasting food program.

All the possible good resulting from a decent detox program has yet to be proven by the scientific community.  Those of us who have repeatedly used these flushing programs need no further proof than the benefit seen and felt in our own bodies.  Even so, while cleansing may improve skin tone and cleanse the body, the detox program can, if not properly supported, have its fair share of side effects. These symptoms often occur in response to the body’s efforts to remove toxic waste from the colon, liver, arteries and brain.


Headaches are a common side effect of an unsupported detox program. There are several reasons for this detoxing back-lash.

The most common reason is toxic blood, which happens when the immune system is unable to deal with the die-off created. Simply put, Die-off is the toxic waste being processed from the lower levels of the body which the immune cells need to attach and neutralize before the waste can be processed from the body by the kidney’s or liver.

Using an Ounce a day of Echinacea at least 4 days each week when doing a detox program will ensure there are enough immune cells to do the work needed.  When there are not enough immune cells to attach each bit of waste being processed out the body must then reabsorbed the waste the immune system is unable to deal with.  This is when the feeling of being over toxic takes hold in the body.

Another reason Headaches can occur is due to stiffness in the neck and shoulder muscles, a common area for toxin buildup. Using the M&L Salve to quickly relax any tight muscles in the head and neck will clear a muscle tension headache in minutes.

Digestive Issues

Common digestive side effects of a good detox include can include bloating, cramping, flatulence, nausea and diarrhea. Upset in the upper digestive track can be quickly eliminated by using 1 tsp. each Digestive Tonic & LP Formula. The LBF #2 Formula will quickly tighten the bowels back up when diarrhea is an issue.

Nausea can occur during a detox program when the lymph glands release toxins at such a fast rate that the liver must manage the excess, which gets emitted with bile into the stomach. Use your detox tea freely to aid the liver in the work it must do.  The body will flush better when you remember to drink plenty of tea and juices.  The fluid will aid the liver and kidneys in their work of flushing toxins from the body through the urine and feces.

Emotional Side Effects


You may undergo a gamut of emotions; anxiety, irritability and depression are common emotional disturbances of a good detox. The detox is not only physical but also emotional and spiritual. Supporting the physical body will also support the emotional issues needing to be processed.  Do the emotional work as it bubbles to the surface it will be worth the effort.

Skin Imbalances

The skin is a major eliminatory organ. When the liver is in need of a quick disposal for waste it is unable to move out through normal channels it will vicariously process the toxins out through the skin.  Keeping the bowels open and the liver flushed will prevent any rash-like symptoms from appearing. If the skin begins to break down during an intense detox program it is time to step back and do an ELF, flush the liver through so it can continue to process the waste out through the bowels.


The first few days of a juice fast will often result in a feeling of fatigue. The body is working hard to eliminate waste, energy reserves are depleted. Supplement your body by increasing your intake of Superfood, Super-kelp and fruit juices.

Weight Loss and Gain

Weight lost on a detox short detox is simply water weight, and will be gained back shortly after the detox diet is completed. For those wanting to hold the weight loss we suggest you continue with a good weight loss program, I like to recommend “Weight Watchers” points program.  IT is an excellent healthy way to drop excess weight.

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