Living in Love

Pink bunch flipWhat is real love, how does it materialize into a life?  What impact will honest loving have in real life?

To know true love is to learn to be at peace with whatever the day brings.  Why?  Because all truth and love come from God, the Father who is love is aware of all my needs no matter how small.  He has covered my life, is willing to take every burden, and heal every hurt.

Accepting, and living in the flow of his love allows all His loving goodness to flow through my life, healing my past while providing strength for today’s trials and annoyances.  Where true love abides there is no fear.  The future holds only the bright promise that when we have done all the good possible in this life we will take that last step into eternity.

The eyes of love see and understand the damage selfishness and fear can inflict on the innocent.  True love is other focused more interested in giving than receiving.  His love allows me to love the unlovely, to care for those who have no care or concern for me.  I am loved.

Many hold the dream that true love sweeps all trials and annoyances from life’s path.  Such a dream is foolish thinking.  How would one grow if not for the trials life brings?  How can I learn to believe in a benevolent, loving heavenly father if the need to test my faith in him never arises?  Each trial is an opportunity to grow beyond who I am today.  A chance to embrace the truth about myself found only when daily annoyances and trials push me beyond my limited resources.

True love is the assurance that when all doors have been closed and the only way of escape is the open window He will provide the wings for you to fly.  Love is the Freedom to live wide open allowing life to be what it is and everyone to be who they are.  Love’s eternal wave brings healing, wisdom, and strength to anyone willing to stand and receive the full happy life founded on truth and love.

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