Cleansing the Liver

Dara Dietz

Everyone under estimates the power of the cleansing programs. Failure to do the cleansing programs rigorously and repeatedly can cause you to not get well.

I’ve spoken with members who swore they were on the Incurables program, yet they only cleansed their liver once in a while, every few months. They did not seem to regard it as critical. It is.

The Liver Cleansing Routines support the liver in the work of healing your body. It does not matter what the disease or injury, if the liver is not actively doing the work of waste removal, you will not have a healing experience.

Everyone wants a “silver bullet”, they hope H.E.A.L. will provide them some herbal remedy in a bottle to reverse all the damage, heal their diseases and fix decades of unconscious living in a weekend. This just can’t be done. Anyone who claims they can do this is lying.

My Liver Cleansing Testimony

I began liver flushing when my knee failed to respond to any of the normal healing routines I had been doing. The fire-ball of pain in my knee sent me looking for answers. While researching in Dr. Christopher’s material I happened across this simple sentence, “nervine herbs can be helpful in cases of nerve pain.” That was all I needed to read. I secured a bottle of the General Nervine Tonic and quickly applied the liquid solution right on my knee. Instantly the flames of pain were quenched. The relief lasted nearly three hours before needing a reapplication.

Even though this proved to be the turning point in my healing a rapid return to health did not occur. I seemed to be settling into a chronic condition of knee pain. Some days I felt pretty good, but there was always the awareness that my knee was not healthy. This is not an acceptable way to live. I continued to do hot and cold on my knee, BF&C packs, anything I could think of to focus the healing powers of my body on this area. Nothing helped, for unknown reasons healing had stalled.

The time had come to get serious; when nothing is working it is time to liver flush.

The first week of flushing I noticed a huge relief. The amount of pain I felt dropped about 60%. I removed the stool I had been using to keep my knee stable from beneath my desk. I also stopped using ice packs, and begin strengthening the knee by exercising with light weights.

The next week I did a light kidney flush and raw food program. By Friday of that week I was hurting again, it seemed I’d regressed a bit.

Week three, Monday morning I began another week of liver flushing. By Thursday I knew I had made tremendous progress, I was practically pain free. I had been juice fasting since Sunday night.

Friday morning I decided to end my juice fast and have a favorite dish I’d been dreaming of all week. Except for the French bread the meal could be considered raw. To make a long story short, I crashed, big time. Friday night I was in a world of hurt, again. It was a horrible set back. I had broken an important rule for coming off a juice fast. There must be at least one day of eating raw before using cooked foods again. The bread was more than my system could handle.

The next week of liver flushing provided some relief but did not bring me back to the nearly pain free place I had experienced. It took two more weeks of liver flushing, an entire month, (each week of liver flushing must be followed by a week of kidney flushing) before I regained the pain free condition I had experienced at the end of my second week of serious liver flushing work.

I found liver flushing the only herbal therapy that would move my case forward. I’ve seen this in other cases I’ve advised on.

When nothing seems to work, do a liver flush. Cleansing the liver is always a good idea, when you are ill, injured or just emotionally down, do a liver flush. If you do not like the way your life is going, do a liver flush. Clean up the inside and the outside will take care of itself.

About Dara Dietz

Dara D Dietz is co-founder with her Husband of H.E.A.L. Marketplace, a private Natural Healing Association. As a teacher and counselor she has been supporting the members of H.E.A.L. with Natural Healing information and herbal supports since 1998. She continues to maintain strong ties to the Seventh-day Adventist Church. Since healing her own kidney ailments she has assisted thousands of people in discovering and using natural herbal remedies. Dara has written and compiled numerous articles on a wide variety of natural healing topics. Drawing from her own healing experiences and borrowing from the vast wisdom of natural healers long departed, she continues to provide H.E.A.L.’s international membership with down to earth natural healing wisdom in H.E.A.L.’s bi-weekly newsletters. Dara and her husband currently reside in Rutherfordton, North Carolina.
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