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Three Things I have learned

We are our choices We are our choices.  What makes us who we are is the choices we have made since we entered this world.  The effect of our choices on our personalities and temperaments make up our character.  Repeated … Continue reading

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Summer Cleansing

Summer is the perfect season for cleansing.  The hot summer days make juice fasting an easy choice.  I don’t’ know about anyone else but the idea of a hot meal on a hot day does not set well with me.    … Continue reading

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What to Expect During a Good Detox

Many people avoid deep cleansing programs because they are unsure what to expect or how to deal with the inevitable results of a good system wide detox.  The deep work of cutting lose and removing waste from the body’s tissue … Continue reading

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Making the Hard Choices

Today is Monday and the start of our second week of Kidney flushing.  Tanner and I are eating raw this week.  A lot of sharing has been going on in my household.  Someone shared their cold with my husband who … Continue reading

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Light at the end of My Tunnel

So you ask, how was my week, will my computer died, my car is in the shop, my printer’s drum decided to pick this time to die and my desk chair gives me a sinking feeling every time I set … Continue reading

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Time To Do It Again

11/09/12 Doing the good stuff is not always easy.  Today Carol and I have begun a journey.  One I hope will take us to a place of better health.  Sixteen years ago I began my healing journey with a handful … Continue reading

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