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Sticking With It

The ability to stick with my good choices; to choose to do the good stuff is the outcome of years of work and healing.  The journey of emotional healing I’m on began long before I knew how broken I truly … Continue reading

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Eye Health Naturally

Being able to see well adds joy as well as safety to everything from a simple stroll down the road to reading a story to a child.  Several years ago I began to notice small black specks floating through my … Continue reading

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Lobelia as a Preventive:  The world is in a panic over the Ebola Infection, and well they should be.  Knowing how infectious diseases work in the body will help us develop an herbal remedy for any would be killer virus.  … Continue reading

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Weight Loss Update 112.5 lbs off

Friends and members are asking; “What exactly are you doing?” The weight is continuing to dissolve away.  It has become obvious that whatever I’m doing is working and working very well.   As of this morning 112.5 pounds have melted from … Continue reading

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Is the Coffee Enema Beneficial?

One of our members has asked if I could talk a bit more on this subject. Dr. Christopher Discusses “The Coffee Enema” One of the most harmful methods of tripping the gall bladder reflex is the coffee enema.  It is … Continue reading

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Clearing the Small Irritations

Often the little irritations that crop up in our bodies can be quickly cleared.  Today I want to address several of these issues along with their herbal supports. Eye Problems: Tired irritated eyes; Allergy eyes; Tearing of the eyes; and … Continue reading

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Finally I’m learning how to feed myself and still lose weight.  Up until this past weekend I’d experience a slight bounce in weight when I would switch from my water fast to the low carb food program over the weekend.  … Continue reading

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My Weight Loss Program

I began my current journey after reading the book by  Dr. Jason Fung, “The Obesity Code”.  With the understanding provided about how to correctly lose weight I began to fashion a program that is working for me.  As of today … Continue reading

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Herbal Supports for ALL Female Issues

There are three basic herbal support combinations for women’s issues along with several others used when their specific herbal formulas are needed. Understanding when and how to use these formulas to support or clear everything from PMS to issues arising … Continue reading

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Successful Weight Loss

Read “The Obesity Code” This was a real eye opener, so much about losing weight has been upside down and backward. What we have been doing is right and wrong, I think the bottom line is we have been linking … Continue reading

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